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3 Reasons to Still Travel to Puerto Rico During Hurricane Season

The Caribbean islands are battling hurricane season and just experienced Hurricane Irma. Fortunately the island of Puerto Rico despite its size, was practically spared in comparison to the others islands. Undeterred by the tons of debris pickup and extended power outage, Puerto Rico has again proven its ability to come together and stay calm during a time of crisis.

With June 1 to December 1 as the official dates hurricane season, should this deter you from coming to Puerto Rico during this timeframe? And, even if a hurricane doesn’t come, it’s still the rainy season–will this affect your plans?  Historically, these months deemed hurricane season, do not necessarily mean a hurricane is coming. But what it does mean is that you should expect more rain. But in a tropical island, you should expect rain. If the weather forecast says rain every day during your vacation, don’t worry–in Puerto Rico, this probably means it will rain for a few minutes and in short spurts during the day. Long enough to find shelter, grab an umbrella, or toss on a poncho real quick. But again, for the most part, it’s nothing to worry about. And, if a hurricane does come, just be prepared.

Here are a few reasons to travel during this timeframe:

  • STEALS AND DEALS. Hurricane season is considered off-season. This means many stores, hotels, bars and restaurants simply aren’t making as much money as high season. Support local industry by visiting during low-season. You are guaranteed to have larger discounts all around. Instead of booking your flight or hotel via the internet, make a phone call. Be specific when you speak to the customer service representative and ask, “What off-season deals are you currently offering?”


  • WEATHER. From the moment you plan your vacation to Puerto Rico until the moment you take flight, you should definitely check for a hurricane so that you can make sure you execute a Plan B. Remember, though, this is the rainy season.  However, as Puerto Rico is a tropical island, this means you’ll have moments of sun and rain, both. Somewhere on the island it’s raining every day. When viewing the weather forecast, understand you may see rain predicted for every day, but it may last for only fifteen minutes–so take the forecast with a grain of salt. For the most part, unless a real hurricane is coming, you can still expect almost perfect weather.


  • JUST YOU. When tourists ask where are the best beaches, it’s always subjective. But for us, it’s about finding a beach that’s secluded. Your chances of finding secluded beaches during high-season are slim to none. However, off-season, you have greater chances of finding a few miles of beach to walk and relax without a care in the world besides you and your rum. The same can be said for hotels, casinos and other tour groups. Traveling in smaller paid tour groups could also be ideal. If it’s just you and your family/friends, you’re bound to get better deals but also extra attention and possibly view additional sites with the guide.

Above all, don’t let these off-season forecasts deter you from planning your trip to Puerto Rico. If you are traveling with friends or family, it’s about finding the right time when everyone’s schedule may mesh. Once you’ve determined this timeframe and discovered it does falls within the hurricane season, don’t panic. Simply research more information about the hurricane season and how you and your hotel can best prepare if a hurricane is predicted. Finally, make sure you take advantage of the guaranteed discounts and if you don’t initially see any, call and ask for them.


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